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Our history

Vladimír Mráz, an enthusiastic fisherman, hunter and breeder from South Bohemia, came up with the idea of creating a harmonious ecosystem of people, animals and nature by using the then waste and former foodstuff from the food industry in 1996. Through his honest work, he gave birth to a purely Czech, family-owned company, which transformed the then waste raw materials and co-products into valuable feeds that support the health and strength of animals on the Czech market. Over time, it has not only remained at that, our activities today extend to a wide range of not only agriculture, but also food industry, in the whole of Europe. However, the emphasis on quality and a long-term view has stayed with us to this day.

1994 – Mr. Mráz establishes his own business in the field of agricultural business
1996 – Mr. Mráz begins to supply the Brewer’s Spent Grains from the Pilsner brewery to adjacent farmers, raising the hygiene standard inside the brewery and becoming a stable partner in the field of spent grains purchases, regardless of the seasonality of their production. This lays the foundations for the future company Mráz Agro CZ, s.r.o.
2001 – The “Mráz Agricultural Company” which is later the Radomyšl Farm, is founded.
2002 – The starch and drying plant Červená Řečice near Pelhřimov, a former research institute of the Czechoslovak starch industry, becomes part of Mr. Mráz’s business. In Červená Řečice, used brewer’s yeast from nearby breweries is dried and modified starches are produced.
2004 – Mr. Mráz’s activities are transformed into the company Mráz Agro CZ, s.r.o.
2004 – The premises of the former transmitter of Czech Radio Communications near Radomyšl become part of the company. An agricultural farm is established on the site.
2012 – Mráz Agro, a family holding, is formed by merging the companies of the group.
2012 – Establishment of the sister company Mráz Agro SK, s.r.o., based in Bratislava.
2013 – Mráz Agro CZ exceeds 200,000 tonnes of Brewer’s Spent Grains sold per year.
2015 – Opening of a foreign trade office in Prague. This includes entering the Russian and Ukrainian markets for co-products and feed raw materials.
2017 – Vladimír Mráz Jr., son of the company’s founder, becomes the holding’s responsible CEO after several years of working at Mráz Agro.
2018 – Mráz Agro CZ opens a new warehouse complex in Červená Řečice. The complex serves as the main logistics centre for receiving and dispatching dry feed and raw materials.
2020 – Mráz Agro SK becomes a major player in the co-products market in Slovakia. It enters into its first partnerships with local food processing companies and further expands into Poland and Hungary.
2021 – The construction of the state-of-the-art drum drying centre for suspension materials and starches in Central Europe is completed in Batelov near Jihlava, Czech Republic. The company thus actively enters the market for high value-added human food supplements.